Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A year ago we had a scare of our life when our boy exhibited some symptoms of asthma attack,, he was wheezing and breathing heavily.. We knew that something wasn't right,, he was not his usual self and he was just too tired to do things.. My quick thinking husband decided to rush him in the hospital , and true enough , our boy was having an asthma attack.. s far as we know we don't have a family history of asthma on both sides of the family ; but we knew that he has eczema ( a form of dermatitis) since he was still a baby and its prevalent during Winter time. and we found out that he is allergic to CATS... and they said that it can be a trigger for Asthma .. So my poor boy who stayed overnight in the hospital has to be monitored till his breathing becomes normal and he was prescribed to use the Oral Inhalers..
And luckily enough he he's doing well ,, and hopefully no more asthma attacks ...

Recent research shows that dust mite are a common trigger for asthma . I 've seen a TV series about prevention of asthma attack by avoiding dust mites at home...
They also say that there is a link between Stress and Asthma ..
In younger child, common triggers would be viral infections, coughs, house dust, mites, mould, pets ,, pollens, passive smoking - even exercise. If children are getting persistent coughs and episode of chest infections , these are warning si